Many free applications are available online

Dating is a process which occurs between two opposite gender people. When they go dating they discuss regarding their past, present and their future. Earlier the marriages where decided by the parents and both the guy and the girl has nothing to do with the decision. Then the trend changed and the guys selected the girl they like and the girl selected the guy she likes. Then they both fell in love with each other and then got married. But there were so many obstacles that these lovers has to face before marriage. In the case of love marriages after a certain period of time because of misunderstanding they applied for divorce. There are many pending divorce cases in the court till date. Now the case is totally different, the younger generation wants to change the scenario.

Only because of this the concept of dating came into existence again. It means earlier in courtship period this concept was there. One of the firstĀ dating apps free which was available in the market was integrated with the social websites such as face book and Google. Now there are many websites and the android application which can be used for dating purpose. All that a person need is nothing but internet connection and the good android mobile. With these two things the person can download the mobile application and use it for dating purpose. These applications have changed the way they date online. They need not go for a date on the first day itself. First they can talk or chat over the online. Then they can decide whether their thoughts are same. After deciding what is the next step that is whether they can move to the further step in the relationship with the person. Only then the both decide to meet. This makes their work easier also both of them understand each other. But the main thing they have to know is asking questions. Both the person must know to ask questions to each other in order to get the full details regarding them. Only after understanding each other fully they move further.